• Our approach to Brand Insight is fully aligned to understand your
    requirements for the successful launch of your new brand.
    Understanding business objectives, key challenges, market trends,
    opportunity and brand mapping are just some of the strategic
    assessments we will undertake. The outcome will be viable and tangible
    reporting which will prepare your new organisations key stakeholders
    with critical knowledge of the marketplace - this is your Brand Insight.

  • Effective Brand Strategy can dominate customer relationships. As
    communication channels become ever more fragmented and products
    increasingly commoditised within competitive environments, the
    establishment of a successful brand relies heavily on well executed
    Brand Strategy. By studying the internal heartbeat of your new
    organisation; key stakeholders, internal processes and external offerings
    our mission with all Brand Strategy projects we undertake is to create
    preference, drive growth and establish market leadership.

  • Through a deep-rooted knowledge of our craft, educated in some of
    Europe's leading Graphic Design schools, and practiced on an enviable
    global scale, Brand Development projects we undertake will highlight
    and bring to life your unique vision for your brand. Through an explicit
    understanding and ability with ideas, identity, logos, typography, layout,
    grid, colour, photography, iconography and graphic devices, we can
    develop a unique visual identity for your brand which will inspire, excite,
    encourage conversation and drive your business forward.

  • Visual Communications are the underlying code of every industry or competitive
    marketplace, expressing brand in the purist of forms. Infinite in it's possibilities; be
    it brochures, literature or reports, postcards to packaging, stationery, posters,
    books, websites, from the imaginable to the unimaginable, Visual Communications
    have no boundaries and are only limited by will. We have the experience to realise
    your Visual Communication strategy through relevant, compelling and creative
    brand expressions across a multitude of communication channels; all derived from
    a thorough understanding for the principles of good design.

  • Be descriptive, not vague
  • Who + What + Why + Where + When + How
    = Creative Brief
  • Great creative starts with a good brief
  • Your brief holds the solution
  • Insight is different to opinion
  • A creative brief should contain insight, not opinion
  • Look for the solution, not blame
  • Proof content forwards, then backwards to spot mistakes
  • Unreasonable deadlines lead to poor quality work
  • Good alignment is invisible
  • Concept and content are everything
  • Graphic devices direct the reader
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key
  • Warm colours appear larger than cool colours
  • 4 colour black is different to black
  • Design is evolutionary,
    turn mistakes into opportunities
  • Great design can help bad content, but only for a while
  • Spellchecks only catch 90% of mistakes
  • Help your audience recognise,
    identify and comprehend
  • Don't let bad design hurt great content
  • Clear feedback saves time
  • Good brief = great creative
  • Justified text is nearly always unjustified
  • Content is king
  • You like it? That doesn't mean it will work
  • More time = better work
  • Never hyphenate a widow
  • Consistency is key
  • 10 secondary colours? Less is more
  • Presume nothing. Question everything
  • Caffeine is a prerequisite to 9am
  • A 9-5 job. A what?
  • BTL is not an acronym for Bread Tomato Lettuce
  • Tone of Voice. How loud are you?
  • Your brand is probably your single
    greatest asset. Treat it well
  • Your customers are your brand
  • Having Facebook does not = Social Media Strategy

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